Wednesday, 2 April 2008

F1 back on the BBC!

I'm not sure if this is good news or not. On the face of it it looks like fantastic news - no more adverts, no more James Allen, more impartial coverage and the return of The Chain theme tune.

If that's the reality then great, but I'm a little concerned that it might not work out that way. They could end up getting an even worse commentator and you might end up having no live qualifying and no build up or review (remember the days when we used to consider ourselves lucky if we got the press conference after the race?).

So, what would I like to see the BBC doing? Well, it's quite simple:
  • Ben Edwards and Martin Brundle as the commentators
  • Less biased coverage - there are more drivers than Lewis Hamilton
  • None of the silly features that we seem to be subjected to
  • Yeah, it'd be nice to have The Chain - dummmm dum dum dummm dum dum dum dum dummm dummmmmmmmmmmmm.

I personally don't think that we need an hour of build up to the race. 30 minutes would be enough to run through the latest F1 news, qualifying, outline some of the things that might happen, perhaps with an interview or two and perhaps do a grid walk. But really, I only want to hear from people if they have something interesting to say - I get tired of hearing drivers telling me that they'll drive to the first corner and see what happens. That doesn't tell me anything!

Then after the race - it'd be nice to watch the warm down lap, podium ceremony, press conference and then a brief review of the main events of the race with some interesting insight.

Simple. BBC - make it so!

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