Friday, 4 April 2008

Prediction for the weekend

I like to put my head on the block every now and again. It gives me an opportunity to be smug when I'm right and for others to laugh at me when I'm wrong.

I was toying with the idea of predicting the podium this weekend but it would be a bit dull predicting Hamilton, Raikkonen and Massa each race so I'm going to try to predict the winner instead.

So, the winner on Sunday will be........Felipe Massa.

Yes, fresh from me mocking him the other day for throwing away the championship (which he still won't win, despite this weekends crushing win), I still think he'll win the race and make some comment about his championship being back on track.

Why do I think he'll win? Because he wants the chamionshoip enough to be desperate to get it back on track again Raikkonen and Hamilton, both of whom will be looking slightly long term. If Massa drove like this all of the time then he might win the championship but he doesn't. This weekend though, he will, and he'll win.

That's my prediction - prepare to congratulate or mock me!

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