Thursday, 10 April 2008

Mosley relies on the Senate

The FIA senate is to meet on 3rd June for a secret vote on whether to retain Mosley as FIA president or not.

Is it just me that thinks that Mosley's tactics are ridiculous obvious?

I have no idea who makes up the FIA senate but I'm pretty sure a good majority of them are Mosley supporters. It seems to me that he's hoping that the storm will die down in the time it takes for the vote to come around (almost 2 months!) and then hopes that enough of his cronies will vote to retain him. At which point he will emerge victorious, claiming to have the support of the entire motorsport world and get back to business as if nothing had happened.

Will it work? I hope not - the key thing is that the pressure must be kept on him and therefore we need more people to come out calling for his resignation. Sadly if Mosley does retain his seat then he'll be sure to seek revenge (look out Honda, Toyota, BMW and Mercedes) and I think that's why many people are keeping quiet.

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Boy Goerge said...

Just like i told everyone, he's not going anywhere. After all the meetings and investigations, he is still president.